Components Of A Successful Product


A Great Idea that solves peoples problems and provides desirable value...
This is really a very small piece of the puzzle. Let's face it, everybody has great ideas; that's truly the easy part!


Functionality-I've seen companies fly 3 people to an overseas warehouse to cut open 25,000 packages. TO REPLACE ONE BOLT WITH ANOTHER 1/4" SHORTER!--Ouch!


Can It Be Built? Manufacturability is an important factor! I've seen many a product that looks killer, but cannot be built. At least not in the US cost effectively.
We are manufacturability experts. We can build it here!


SELLING IT!-There are many engineering companies out there that can help you build your product. We can help you build your PRODUCT BRAND! We know what it takes to sell it! Online, big box, retail, we can help. Let us leverage our connections for you.

Our Engineers Have Designed Products or Fixtures for


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